The Rat Pack Tribute in Concert

ratpackpromoRecently, The Music Village jazz club in Brussels re-opened with social distancing. On August 2, The Rat Pack Tribute successfully performed there in concert once again. Jazz songs from the 1950s and 60s made popular by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Cool music entertainment for everyone!

New! Romantic Songs in Duet

liztomDuets with Spanish singer Lisa Rosillo. From ballads to swing, the joys and heartbreaks of love as sung with universal appeal and enchantment.

New and Exciting Musical Project for 2020!

ratpackExcited about singing in a new jazz sextet with Mathieu De Wit (musical director and pianist). Our Rat Pack Tribute presents jazz songs from the 1950s and 60s made popular by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Golden melodies. Swing sound. Las Vegas style. Cool familiar musical entertainment for all.

Wow! Singing in New York’s Broadway Theatre District

donttellmamainterior1In October, I performed in New York City (my home town) at the famous Don’t Tell Mama. Many thanks to friends and family who attended. Big fun for everyone. Thank you also to Seth Bisen-Hersh, musical director, who accompanied me superbly on piano.

Singing in New York City at Don’t Tell Mama

mammaHaving fun in rehearsal for my vocal performance in New York City at the famous Don’t Tell Mama, located on renowned Restaurant Row in the Broadway theatre district. In addition, a big thank you to Seth for putting together live entertainment with his talent showcase for singers.

Superb Audience at The Music Village in Brussels

musicvillageaugustOn August 4, The New Yorkers presented yet another concert at the Music Village in Brussels, rated among the Top 3 jazz clubs in Europe by CNN TV. It was a full house and superb audience, showing lots of appreciation for our repertoire from the Great American Songbook with an international heart. Thank you to all

Another Concert at The Music Village in Brussels

July Gig at the Music Village Having fun in rehearsal with “The New Yorkers” for another concert at the top jazz club in Brussels. Excited too about performing with our special guest musicians. In addition, a big thank you to New York designer Bruce Sugarman for his superbly creative graphics.

Tom's Appearance on National TV in Belgium

tomRecently, I appeared on national television in Belgium on VTM's new program called The Voice Senior.  It was big fun to qualify through several auditions, participate in rehearsals at the TV studio and to perform on their fabulous sound stage. Got to know the TV producers, orchestra and, in particular, many fellow 'senior' singers.  Watch an excerpt!

Tom McGuire on The Voice Senior


Tom McGuire. Vocalist. Presents The Great American Songbook and modern classic standards

Image2smallHaving fun in rehearsal with “The New Yorkers” jazz band. Getting ready for our next concert at The Music Village in central Brussels, presenting The Great American Songbook. Robin Bollada (piano), Peter Maguire (trombone), Ramon van Merkenstein (double bass), Lieven Venken (drums) and Tom McGuire (vocals), together with special guests Ania Semkina (piano) and Michel Mainil (sax).

The Joy Of The Unexpected

Abrussel restaurant Brussels It's a not infrequent aspect of the jazz scene - "Hey can you do a gig for me. Like tomorrow. You can. Great."

So we found ourselves performing at a very agreeable restaurant the Abrussel situated in Rue des Chapeliers 30, 1000 Brussels. Most congenial management. Most convivial evening. Myself, Tom McGuire, Peter Maguire on Trombone and Roger Brawn on Guitar. The great American Songbook, vocal and instrumental. To add to the joys an appreciative audience.

A photograph of Roger and Peter. Where am I ? Well somebody had to take the picture.

Tom McGuire at In Vino Veritas, Waterloo, Belgium

tmwithfabVery excited to have a scheduled upcoming appearance at In Vino Veritas, one of the most lively rooms on the jazz music scene in Waterloo, Belgium.

I will join leading sax player Michel Mainil on Saturday, March 9, together with his top jazz band. It’s a tribute to Frank Sinatra. Starts at 8:30 pm.

Let Audience Feel Something

Musicians UniteRecently, jazz musician and friend Peter Maguire drew my attention to Musicians Unite, created by musicians who help their fellow musicians of all ages, styles and skill levels to achieve their musical goals. This community is positive, fun and inspiring. Indeed, what Musicians Unite says about musical performance strikes a chord !!!

The Jazztette plus Tom McGuire at the Felix

felixThe Jazztette band is led by legendary musician Peter Maguire (trombone), performing frequently at Felix, a cozy space for appreciating jazz music, which is in Tervuren, a suburb of Brussels. I love singing at Felix along with The Jazztette as we delight our audience with some of our favorites from the Great American Songbook.

Jazz Duo at Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels

Café des Halles Saint-Géry is a wonderfully convivial space in centrageryl Brussels where Robin Bollada (piano) and Tom McGuire (vocals) sometimes perform their jazz music entertainment.  Fun fact: over 100 years old, les Halles Saint-Géry is an architectural monument, including a fountain with an obelisk from Grimbergen Abbey – the point from which all distances in Belgium are measured.

Tom McGuire and The New Yorkers at The Music Village

mvoctbbThe axiom 'The Great American Songbook' hath charm, once again proved to be without dispute at The Music Village on Sunday the twenty eighth of October.

'The New Yorkers' delighted a packed house for three song filled sets. During the second set, classical pianist Ania Semkina, dazzled with her rendition of the song 'La Soledad'.

Both myself and 'The New Yorkers' are looking forward to retuning to The Music Village sometime in the near future.

Practice. Practice. Practice

tompdc01Having fun doing regular rehearsals with my jazz band “The New Yorkers” and always learning something. Rehersals are - at best - not a committee but a conversation.

Singing with “The Jazztette” led by Peter Maguire at our recent gig at Felix in Tervuren, Belgium, with an attentive audience and a musically fulfilling evening.  

Now getting ready for the next gigs in and around Brussels. Check out my schedule on the Gigs Page.

Tom McGuire at The Hotel Amigo, Brussels

Tom McGuire at The Hotel Amigo, Brussels

amigoReally excited to have scheduled upcoming appearances at the prestigious Hotel Amigo, located in central Brussels a step or two distant from the 'Grand Place'.

If you love songs from 'The Great American Songbook' these are the dates to note in your diary.

Starts at 18.30 hrs.








Hotel Amigo
Rue de l’Amigo 1,
1000, Brussels,

Tel: (0032) 02 547 47 47

Jazz At Felix.

Jazz At  Felix.

Looking forward to the upcoming gig at Felix, Tervuren. The Jazztette plus myself with the best of "The Great American Songbook".


What a Wonderful World Strikes A Chord

wonderful world"What a Wonderful World" Bob Thiele (as "George Douglas") and George David Weiss. It was first recorded by Louis Armstrong and released in 1967.

This is one of those few, of this particular genre  of songs,  that always evokes a response even from an audience at straight ahead jazz sessions.

Summer Nights in Brussels

musicvillage01Brussels tends to a quietish place during the summer, excluding tourists that is. Parking the car is less of a hassle. Tuesday night The Music Village was packed to capacity. Great night with a distinct Coltrane vibe.

Looking forward to September and October with upcoming gigs scheduled. More about this later.

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